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Social Action for Health is a community-based health charity who provide services and support to people most affected by health inequalities across east London.

Within their portfolio of projects, Social Action for Health offers parental peer-support, courses supporting people with long-term health conditions, and a cultural dance project which uses traditional movement, storytelling, ESOL, and digital skills to encourage participants to connect with others in the community and be physically active. All their projects and services are delivered in an accessible, sensitive, and culturally appropriate way, and often in community languages.

Having worked with Link Workers and health professionals for many years before ‘social prescribing’ became a frequently used term, Social Action for Health understands the importance of accurately marketing social prescribing activities.

Ceri Durham, CEO of Social Action for Health, reflects “It is important for us to consider both participants and Link Workers when we are describing our projects, and specifically the health and wellbeing lens through which Link Workers view opportunities for their clients.

“Link Workers need to know who an activity is designed for and how participants can benefit from the service, so they can decide whether the activity will be suitable for their client and meet their client’s needs. Some language which makes sense in an artistic sphere, can be a barrier for Link Workers working in a medical model. We always try to use straightforward and unambiguous language in our marketing materials to help Link Workers make informed recommendations.”

A photo of two My Moves choreographers leading a interactive taster session with eight participants, in traditional Bengali dance in a community hall during a social prescribing showcase event in Tower Hamlets
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