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St. Margaret’s House based in East London is an excellent example of a bigger organisation housing smaller, specific projects for community groups and looking to collaborate together to approach the delivery of social prescribing.

The building has been at the heart of the community for many years and has a range of artistic tenants who serve a variety of communities across East London. Stuart Cox, Arts and Wellbeing Director, says ‘building a relationship with our Tower Hamlets link worker is key for getting referrals. The collective nature of St. Margaret’s has meant strong partnerships and the ability to work together. For example, a group of us worked together to apply for funding from the Thriving Communities fund’. St. Margaret’s House has a wide range of workshops and companies, meaning that anyone referred can be directed to a suitable activity that’s most relevant to their social prescribing needs.

Bric a Brac Theatre performance at St. Margaret’s House.
The image displays participants taking part in a Bric a Brac Theatre performance at St. Margaret’s House.
Image credit St. Margaret’s House.
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